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Gibeck Humid-Vent Compact Filter, 150 to 1000mL, Angled
List Price: $180.99 CS of 25 EA
Product description:
The Humid-Vent® filter compact is the third generation of combined HME / filter and is the ideal solution for use in the ICU and in anaesthesia applications.
  • Bidirectional filtration offers both patient and equipment protection from airborne pathogens
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet all clinical situations
  • All units feature outstanding moisture output, low resistance to flow and minimal dead space
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Total Items Selected
Gibeck Humid-Vent Compact Filter, 150 to 1000mL, Angled
Product # 36-18402
Moisture Output 31mg H2O/L at VT 600mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 800mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 1000mL
Viral Filtration Efficiency >99.99%
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 99.99999%
Filter Type Compact, Angled
Moisture Loss 6mg H2O/L at 500mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT
Sterile Sterile
Weight 32g
Tidal Volume 150 to 1000mL
Brand Gibeck Humid-Vent
Dead Space 38mL
Resistance 1.8cm H2O at 60L/min
Connection Port 22mm Male/15mm Female - 15mm Male/22mm Female