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BLS Backpacks, Slim Profile
Manufacturer: IRON DUCK INC.
Manufacturer: IRON DUCK INC.
Product description:

This compact, multi-purpose backpack is designed to deliver easy organization, secure transport, and quick deployment of an AED, oxygen supplies and tank, and trauma and BLS supplies. This backpack features multiple pockets with elastic loops and color-coded, removable zippered pouches for quick and easy access and storage of supplies.


  • The BLS backpack is a multi-purpose durable pack with a streamlined design for stress-free organization and rapid deployment
  • The top front pocket has a full row of various sized elastic loops to fit small tools and other trauma supplies
  • Inside the main compartment are four color coded pouches with clear windows that are moveable
  • On the opposite side is an oxygen compartment equipped with quick release tie-downs to secure a "D" or Jumbo "D" cylinder
  • High density reinforced plastic corners
    • Prevent wear and tear from the regulator
  • Inside the bottom pocket you can access to your AED and accessories easily and efficiently
  • Carry your BLS backpack multiple ways using the ergonomically designed backpack straps or with side and top molded-rubber handles
  • A slim profile with a variety of hand and shoulder carry options

Dimensions: 21in L x 14in W x 8in D

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Product # 2521-13202 2521-51322 2521-13207 2521-13218
Loop Type Elastic Elastic Elastic Elastic
Closure Type Zipper Zipper Zipper Zipper
Window Color Clear Clear Clear Clear
Construction Material Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners)
Color Navy Blue Black Green Red
Pockets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Material Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners) Plastic (Corners)
Bag Type Trauma Trauma Trauma Trauma
Dimension 21in L x 14in W x 8in D 21in L x 14in W x 8in D 21in L x 14in W x 8in D 21in L x 14in W x 8in D