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KED® PRO Extrication Device with Metal Buckles
List Price: $435.00 EA
Product description:

The KED® PRO is designed for extrication from confined spaces using rope-rescue techniques.

The KED® PRO features:

  • metal buckles on leg straps and lateral straps for secure restraint
  • One-piece leg strap runs through the spine of the KED® PRO and forms a continuous loop for connection to ropes and carabiners
  • Two lower and one upper rear-carrying handle rated for vertical and confined space rescue
  • Handles help the operator manage the patient during extrication from a vehicle
  • Split chest flap provides easy release of top strap to expose chest for examination or possible chest decompression
  • Wide head support flaps with shortening ability
  • Deceleration shoulder strap assists in proper positioning and prevents movement of the patient within the KED® PRO in the event of vehicle deceleration
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Total Items Selected
KED® PRO Extrication Device with Metal Buckles
Product # 3120-63314
Product Type Backboard
Brand KED® PRO