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XCollar Plus Cervical Collar with Integrated Head Restraint System
Manufacturer: EMEGEAR LLC
List Price: $22.29 EA
Manufacturer: EMEGEAR LLC
Product description:
The XCollar Plus is designed to splint the cervical spine by securing the head to the torso of the patient above C-1 and below C-7; on two points anterior and two points posterior. This splinting system utilizes bi-lateral and vertical adjustments to obtain a customized fit for both the desired circumference and height of large adult and small pediatric patients; work ing to increase patient safety by minimizing potential cervical spinal distraction and injury.
  • An important feature of the XCollar Plus is the Integrated Head Restraint System (HRS), which replaces the use of head blocks, towels, or tape
  • Each XCollar Plus is equipped with one HRS consisting of an integrated set of Velcro® straps which are used with the XCollar Plus to secure the patient to the backboard; minimizing lateral and vertical movement
  • The HRS also includes a height-adjustable occipital support pad to ensure proper patient spinal alignment
  • Capable of customizing to fit patient body types ranging from pediatric (approx. 22lb) to extra-large adult (approx. 360+lb)
  • Splints the cervical spine in the "position of comfort", or position found
  • The adjustable, integrated Head Restraint System (HRS) eliminates the need for head blocks, towels and tape, while minimizing vertical and lateral patient movement during transport
  • Occipital support pad is adjustable in 1/2in increments for up to 2in
  • Oversized trachea opening allows for carotid pulse checks, advanced airway procedures and easy visual assessment
  • Latex-free materials are radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible
  • Available in clear, high-visibility orange, and military green
  • Tested at operating temperatures ranging from: -40°C to 60°C
  • FDA, CE, TGA and Japan’s import regulations compliant
  • US and international current and pending patents apply
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
XCollar Plus Cervical Collar with Integrated Head Restraint System
Product # 3151-19640
Latex-Free Yes
Translucency Radiolucent, MRI and CT Scan Compatible
Color Clear, High-Visibility Orange, and Military Green
Brand XCollar Plus
Certifications/Standards FDA, CE, TGA and Japan’s Import Regulations Compliant