Capnography Wave Form

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Capnography waveforms provide important information about ventilation status alerting clinicians to potential problems in their patients. A key to obtaining an accurate etCO2 measurement and quality waveforms with any capnograph is the sampling line. Measurement technology can only report what is being delivered, so if the sampling line is not providing a representative CO2 sample, the accuracy of the measurement is impacted.1

Capno MicroStream CO2 Sampling Lines

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Medtronic’s Microstream™-enabled technology is used worldwide to help clinicians monitor patients’ end-tidal CO2 (etCO2) and alert them early to indications of evolving respiratory compromise.2 This offers clinicians the opportunity to provide care sooner and quickly determine how to intervene, reducing risk and saving time, money and lives.

See how capnography monitoring works using Microstream™ technology.

See how the accuracy, speed and ease of use of Microstream™ technology makes a difference.

1 capnoline-accurate-capnography-highly-depended-quality-sampling-line-white-paper.pdf

Detect Sepsis with Capnography

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