CPAP Therapy

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP therapy, has quickly become the standard of care in the pre-hospital environment for the non-invasive treatment of acute respiratory distress and other forms of dyspnea.

Many uses of CPAP


CPAP Reduces Intubations

Reduces Intubations

Better outcomes for patients, less anxiety and less nosocomial infections.

CPAP Easier Breathing

Easier Breathing

Pulmonary stunting keeps alveoli open allowing patients to breathe easier.

CPAP Improves Oxygenation

Improves Oxygenation

Increased alveoli surface area improves oxygen delivery to the patient.

CPAP Rapid Improvement

Rapid Improvement

Many patients will begin to feel relief within seconds to minutes of application.

CPAP Simple To Use

Simple to use

CPAP is authorized in many states at the BLS level because it's easy to understand and implement.

Prehospital CPAP System

Total Patient Treatment Time

Oxygen availability and CPAP consumption at bedside/point of contact are important for a successful result.

Run Volume

  • Consider total cost of ownership
  • Up-front and replacement costs
  • Current + projected run volume

Medical Direction

  • Medical protocols dictate indications
  • BLS adoption
  • FiO2 percentages
  • Titratable CPAP pressure increments

Patient Comfort

  • Overall noise of the system
  • Comfort of the mask
  • Important for patient compliance

Mobile Connections

  • Proper fittings for airway kits
  • Ambulance connections

Hospital Systems

  • Compatability with receiving facilities that utilize CPAP and BiPAP

Efficacy Monitoring

  • Multi-parameter monitoring
  • Including ECG, SPO2 and ETCO2

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CPAP Solutions

Bound Tree Medical can help you navigate the CPAP landscape with comprehensive solutions that include therapy knowledge, product options and inservice that will get you up and running efficiently and effectively.

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Kitting Solutions

Together, the Pulmodyne O2-MAX™ with integrated nebulization and Microstream™ sampling lines are designed to allow you to nebulize your patient while delivering positive and consistent pressure as well as provide early indication for patients at risk of respiratory compromise.

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