EID Esophageal Intubation Detectors


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The intubation detection bulb / syringe is a disposable device used to verify endotracheal tube placement. After endotracheal tube placement and before any ventilation attempts, first compress the bulb or syringe, and while holding it in a compressed state, attach the unit to the endotracheal tube. A vacuum is created once the compressed bulb is released. Should the endotracheal tube be in the esophagus, air will not fill the bulb or syringe. However, if the endotracheal tube is properly placed, the bulb or syringe will fill with air

  • Reduces errors in clinical judgment
  • Reduces aspiration risk
  • FDA-cleared for use with COMBITUBE®

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EID Intubation Detection, Syringe Style *Discontinued*

EID Intubation Detection, Syringe Style *Discontinued*


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