Hemoccult II Sensa Dispensapak Plus


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  • Hemoccult SENSA has been proven to give the highest clinical sensitivity readings helping significantly in the early detection of pre-cancerous adenomas and colorectal cancers.
  • Hemoccult II SENSA Slides are designed so patients can collect serial specimens at home with bowel movements over three days.
  • Box contains: 40 patient Screening Kits, two 15 ml bottles of Hemoccult Sensa Developer and 1 product instructions.
  • Screening Kit includes: 1 Hemoccult II Sensa Triple Slide (test card), 3 flushable sample collection tissues, 3 applicator sticks, 1 illustrated diet and patient instructions, 1 colorectal cancer screening pamphlet and 1 mailing pouch.
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Hemoccult II Sensa Dispensapak Plus

Hemoccult II Sensa Dispensapak Plus


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