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The opioid crisis has been declared a public health emergency and is referred to as the worst drug crisis in American history. It is putting first responders at risk of accidental exposure to fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances every day. Even exposure to the smallest quantities can cause serious negative health effects, respiratory depression and even death.1 It is critical for first responders to be prepared to respond to this epidemic.

Fentanyl is 30-50x more potent than heroin and 50-100x more potent than morphine. Carfentanil is up to 10,000x more potent than morphine.1

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Protecting First Responders from opioid exposure risks

Bound Tree Medical strives to provide First Responders like you with the product support needed to respond to any scenario or major event like the opioid overdose crisis.
From personal protection equipment (PPE) to Fentanyl PPE kits, we have the equipment and supplies needed to protect against the deadly opioid overdose crisis.

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Fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin or by accidental inhalation.1

Responders at risk Fentanyl PPE Kits
Responders at risk fentanyl PPE kits
Responders at risk Digitcare Apex Pro Gloves
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The unique black and gray contrasting color makes it easier to detect hazardous residues.

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Naloxone should be readily available for administration.1

Responders at risk Opioid Overdose Kits
Responders at risk Opioid Overdose Kits
Responders at risk fentanyl PPE kits
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Responders must know how to put on PPE such as gloves, dust masks, safety glasses, paper suits and shoe covers.2

Responders at risk Personal Protection Equipment PPE Supplies