Teleflex Humid-Vent 2S HME, Flexible


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The Teleflex Humid-Vent 2 is a hygroscopic condensing humidifier designed for use in anesthesia and intensive care procedures. This heat and moisture exchanger features a bacteriostatic paper media for optimal moisture output with very low flow resistance. And because this bi-directional filtration unit can accomplish bacterial efficiency of up to 99.99%, the risk for cross-contamination is greatly minimized. Includes a permanently attached 15mm I.D. ideal for angled application.
  • Recommended Tidal Volume Range: between 250mL and 1500mL
  • Moisture Output (MG H2O/L): 28, Vt = 0.6 L
  • Weight: 26.4 Grams
  • Resistance (CM H2O): 0.8, 60 LPM
  • Dead Space: 54mL
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Teleflex Humid-Vent 2S HME, Flexible

Teleflex Humid-Vent 2S HME, Flexible


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