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BagEasy® BVM Resuscitator Bag, Adult, 15in L x 6in W x 5in H
Manufacturer: WESTMED, INC.
List Price: $29.29 EA
Manufacturer: WESTMED, INC.
Product description:
Use BagEasy® disposable manual resuscitators and they soon may become essential to you. Not just because of the features we build into every bag. But because of the ways BagEasy helps you face the realities of your job.
  • Lightly textured, highly pliant squeeze bag
  • Bias-closed fresh air inlet valve
  • Durable up-front oxygen reservoir
  • Flexible neck
  • Built-in adjustable PEEP valve
  • Two 360° swivels
  • Exhalation port
  • Oxygen reservoir bleed vent
  • Cushion facemask
  • User-friendly PEEP valve functions in any position and can be quickly and easily adjusted with a single tum of the knob
  • Up-front placement of oxygen reservoir allows caregiver to focus atten­tion on the patient while visually monitoring oxygen flow
  • Flexible tube neck design and dual swivels allow the caregiver to switch positions easily and may increase patient comfort by reducing torque and pressure on airways
  • The rear of the bag has no tubing or hard rings, permitting a variety of comfortable hand placements on the squeeze bag
  • Bias-closed valve provides consistent oxygen concentration; it also opens in the event of oxygen source disconnection, allowing uninter­ rupted resuscitation using room air
  • Oxygen reservoir bleed vent minimizes inadvertent PEEP
  • Single patient use reduces risk of cross contamination and eliminates the need for sterilization and repackaging
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Total Items Selected
BagEasy® BVM Resuscitator Bag, Adult, 15in L x 6in W x 5in H
Product # 660759
Operating Environment -18 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
Ventilation Frequencies 20BPM at 650mL, 12BPM at 900mL
Open Dimension 15in L x 6in W x 5in H
Expiratory Resistance 5cmH2O (At 50L/min patient flow)
Inspiratory Resistance 5cm H2O (at 50L/min Reverse Flow)
Patient Connection 15mm ID x 22mm OD
Disposable Yes
Size >30kg (>66lb)
O2 Concentrations (at 20°C) (per ASTM F 920-85) >93% at 15lpm O2 Flow (Typical Values of 97 to 99%)
Patient Valve Dead Space <10mL
Storage Temperature -18 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
Closed Dimension 10in L x 6in W x 5in H
Brand BagEasy®
Average Tidal Volumes One Hand >650mL, Two Hand >1000mL