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DAR™ Filter HEM, Pediatric, 75 - 300mL
Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
List Price: $6.79 EA
Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
Product description:
A heat and moisture exchanger (HME) captures heat and water vapor from a patient’s exhaled air. It then adds that heat and moisture to the patient’s inspired air, providing humidification. A recently published study showed that of 48 filters and HMEs tested, 3 DAR™ filter HMEs ranked in the top 10 for humidity output.
  • Combined Filter/HME sized for pediatric use reduces set-up time, minimizes dead space and weight while maximizing efficiency
  • Electrostatic hydrophobic membrane protects against cross-contamination
  • Hygroscopic membrane traps patient's moisture providing effective airway humidification
  • Low resistance to airflow minimizes work of breathing
  • Effective moisture control reduces the risk of colonization in breathing tubes and minimizes sampling line blockage
  • End tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to airway gases
  • ISO standard 15mm and 22mm fitting connects with breathing system
  • Treated with physiologically safe calcium chloride
  • Supplied clean and individually packaged
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Total Items Selected
DAR™ Filter HEM, Pediatric, 75 - 300mL
Product # 2358-43035
Moisture Output 31mg H2O/L4 at Vt 250mL
Weight 21g
Disposable Yes
Resistance 1.4cm H2O at 15L/min, 3.0cm H2O at 30L/min
Internal Volume 29mL
Viral Filtration Efficiency >99.99%
Size Pediatric
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99.999%
Filter Type Electrostatic
Moisture Loss 6mg H2O/L at 75mL VT
NaCl Filtration Efficiency >96.263%
Tidal Volume 75 to 300mL
Brand DAR™