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TruLite Laryngoscope Blades/Handles, Miller
Product description:
Rusch® TruLite™ Single-Use Laryngoscope is a new single-use solution which consists of a combined laryngoscope blade and handle. This unique system offers the opportunity to reduce potential for infection associated with reusable devices. The TruLite™  Laryngoscope blade is constructed of surgical grade stainless steel with rounded edges and tip, while the handle is a uniform size for all blade configurations and combines a high-grade, reinforced plastic with an ergonomic grip.  The TruLite™  Laryngoscope features LED lighting technology that provides strong, focused and reliable illumination while reducing battery consumption.  The critical components that join the blade and the handle in the TruLite™  Laryngoscope are built to reliably withstand the forces of intubation. This one-piece blade and handle system also prevents the risk of component incompatibility in emergency situations.
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Rusch® TruLite Secure™ Direct Laryngoscope Blade and Handle, Beige, 67mm L
Product # 2145-04729
Color Beige
Handle Material Reinforced Plastic
Distal Width 11.8mm
Length 67mm
Weight 94g
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Type Direct Laryngoscopy
Brand Rusch® TruLite Secure™
Bulb Display Type LED
Disposable Yes
Blade Size Miller 00