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TruZone® Portable Peak Flowmeter, 60 to 800LPM
List Price: $20.49 EA
Product description:
People with asthma have problems when their airways constrict and tighten decreasing air flow through them. A peak flow meter is a device that measures how fast you can blow air out of your lungs after you take the deepest breath you can. This is called the peak expiratory flow and is measured in liters per minute (lpm). TruZone® PFM measures peak flows from 60lpm to 800lpm This measurement indicates the condition of your airways. It is important to know your normal reading. If you use the TruZone PFM every day, you will know when an infection may be starting, even before you feel symptoms. Everyone will have their own predicted normal reading based on your age, sex and height. Say you are a 30 year old woman who is 65in tall. A woman without asthma should have a peak flow reading of approximately 450lpm.
  • Small, portable device makes it easy to track day-to-day changes in breathing patterns
  • Provides accurate measurements for patient populations from pediatric through adult
  • Accommodates measurements from 60 to 800 L/min
  • Meets the most recent technical standards of spirometry for portable peak flow meters established by the American thoracic society
  • Suitable for multi-patient use with optional disposable mouthpieces with one-way valve
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Total Items Selected
TruZone® Portable Peak Flowmeter, 60 to 800LPM
Product # 58-96510EA
Indicator Internal Indicator and Fixed ColorZone® Tape
User Type Universal
Color Clear
Material Clear Polymer
Flow Range 60 to 800lpm
Scale Unique Logarithmic Scale
Brand TruZone®