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CobraPLUS Perilaryngeal Airways
Manufacturer: PULMODYNE
Manufacturer: PULMODYNE
Product description:
  • Easy Insertion - Users become facile after ten or less insertions and find the CobraPLUS easy to insert without using a finger to guide it during insertion. The shape of the CobraPLUS head centers the grill in front of the laryngeal inlet for unrestricted air exchange of spontaneous breathing patients.
  • Difficult/Emergency ETT Insertion - The design inside the CobraPLUS head helps in ramping an ET tube through the CobraPLUS grill and into the laryngeal inlet. The CobraPLUS’s overall length lets the ET tube center the trachea fully.
  • Nasal Gastric (NG) Tube Insertion - Placement of an NG Tube may assist with removal of gastric fluids.
  • Ventilation - The ultra thin cuff is positioned in the upper hypopharynx creating a high volume, low pressure seal, which allows moderate controlled ventilation with a peak airway pressure limited to <20cm H2O.
  • Airtight Seal - The superior seal prevents the gases that are being delivered to the patient from escaping back out into the environment.
  • Suctioning- Because of the air tight sealed cuff and its position in the upper hypopharynx, practitioners can easily suction secretions that pool above the cuff during procedures and prior to removal of the CobraPLUS.
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*Limited Quantity* CobraPLUS Perilaryngeal Airway, 8mm, Size 4
Product # 313-240EA
Size 4
Patient Weight >70kg
Life Stage Adult
Brand CobraPLUS
Dimension 8mm