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BagEasy BVM Manual Resuscitators

Manufacturer: WESTMED, INC.
List Price: $34.29 - $34.79 EA
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Manufacturer: WESTMED, INC.
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Product description:

BagEasy is a versatile BVM manual resuscitator that features a low-deadspace, low-resistance non-rebreathing patient valve with built-in adjustable PEEP and an oxygen accumulation reservoir for exceptionally high FIO2.

Features include:

  • Lightly textured, highly pliant squeeze bag
  • Bias-closed fresh air inlet valve provides consistent oxygen concentration; it also opens in the event of oxygen source disconnection, allowing uninterrupted resuscitation using room air
  • Durable up-front oxygen reservoir
  • Built-in adjustable PEEP valve functions in any position and can be adjusted with a single turn of the knob
  • Two 360° swivels
  • Exhalation port directs exhaled breath away from the caregiver
  • Oxygen reservoir bleed vent minimizes inadvertent PEEP
  • Cushion facemask
  • Duckbill valve and housing designs keep vomitus contained in a small area for quick and easy cleaning
  • Inflation/deflation valve allows the mask to be tailored to each individual creating the perfect seal over a broad range of facial structures
  • Integral pressure port (Child and Infant only)
  • Selectable high/low pressure pop-off valve (Child and Infant only)
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Backward Leakage
Ventilation Frequencies
Expiratory Resistance
Inspiratory Resistance
O2 Concentrations
Storage Temperature
Tidal Volume
Pop Off Valve Range
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BagEasy® BVM Manual Resuscitator, Infant
BagEasy® BVM Manual Resuscitator, Adult
Product # 963-562084EA 963-562048EA
Operating Environment -18 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
Backward Leakage <10%
Ventilation Frequencies 60BPM at 20mL of delivered volume, 40BPM at 70mL of delivered volume 20BPM at 650mL, 12BPM at 900mL
Expiratory Resistance 5cm H2O (At 5L/min Patient Flow) 5cm H2O (At 50L/min Patient Flow)
Weight 500g 500g
Inspiratory Resistance 5cm H2O (at 5L/min Reverse Flow) 5cm H2O (at 50L/min Reverse Flow)
Patient Connection 15mm ID x 22mm OD 15mm ID x 22mm OD
Reusable Yes Yes
Size Infant Adult
O2 Concentrations >93% at 10lpm O2 flow >93% at 15lpm O2 flow
Storage Temperature -18 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
Tidal Volume One Hand 130mL One Hand >650mL, Two Hand >1000mL
Brand BagEasy® BagEasy®
Dimension 15in L x 6in W x 5in H Open , 10in L x 6in W x 5in H Closed 15in L x 6in W x 5in H Open , 10in L x 6in W x 5in H Closed
Dead Space <10mL <10mL
Pop Off Valve Range 40cm H2O to >80cm H2O