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Bound Tree Bag Valve Masks (BVM)

List Price: $23.79 - $24.79 EA
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View All Specs
Product description:
Bound Tree Bag Valve Masks (BVM)​ features:
  • A rotating exhalation port which deflects body fluids away from the rescuer and accepts all 19 mm PEEP adapters
  • A 360 degree patient swivel
  • Angled head assembly that eliminates the need for a double swivel adapter
    • Reduces user fatigue
  • Child unit comes with a pop off
  • PVC and latex free
  • Superior feel and recoil
  • Made with Natsyn®, a synthetic rubber developed by Goodyear
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Resuscitator BVM w/ Infant Mask and Reservoir
Resuscitator Bag Valve w/Child Mask and Reservoir, Pop Off
Product # 532030 532020
Latex-Free Yes
DEHP-Free No
Size Infant
Material PVC
Stroke Volume 150 to 170mL
Brand V-Care™
Body Mass ≤10kg
Disposable Yes
Capacity 300mL