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King Face Masks

Manufacturer: AMBU
List Price: $5.39 - $5.79 EA
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Manufacturer: AMBU
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Product description:

The KingMask anesthesia mask features:

  • Cushion is extremely pliable and tacky to the touch, for an excellent face seal
  • Anatomically shaped cuff enabling a tight seal with minimum applied pressure
  • Clear dome for easy observation of the patient’s condition
  • Ribbed on top of the cushion, for a no-slip grip
  • Flexible dome

Available in various sizes.

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BVM Accessory
Life Stage
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Ambu® King Mask, Neonate, Size 1
Ambu® King Mask, Infant, Size 2
Ambu® King Mask, Toddler, Size 3
Ambu® King Mask, Small Child/Adult, Size 4
Ambu® King Mask, Medium Adult, Size 5
Ambu® King Mask with Strap, Medium Adult, Size 5
Ambu® King Mask, Large Adult, Size 6
Ambu® King Mask, XL Adult, Size 7
Product # 477-1012EA 477-1022EA 477-1032EA 477-1045EA D4208 2430-19055 477-1065EA 535275
Flavor Unscented Unscented Unscented Unscented Unscented Unscented Unscented
Latex-Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Neonate, Size1 Infant, Size2 Toddler, Size3 4 Medium Adult, Size5 Medium Adult, Size5 Large Adult, Size6 XL Adult, Size7, Round
Shape Round
BVM Accessory Yes
Weight 15g 18.4g 32.4g 50.6g 50.6g 57.9g 57.9g
Life Stage Child/SM Adult
Disposable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes