Gibeck® Humid-Vent® HMEs and HMEFs

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Product description:

Humid-Vent® HME hygroscopic, bacteriostatic, microwell paper media provides optimal moisture output with low flow resistance. Offered in a variety of configurations to meet all patient size, tidal volume, and humidification needs.

  • Humid-Vent® Mini is designed specifically for neonatal patients
  • Humid-Vent® 1 is the original, disposable, in-line HME
  • Humid-Vent® 2 is designed in both angled and straight versions for use in intensive care and anesthesia applications
  • Humid-Vent® combined filter/HME product line features outstanding moisture output, low resistance to flow and minimal deadspace
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Gibeck® Humid-Vent® Mini
Gibeck® Humid-Vent® 1
Gibeck® Humid-Vent® 2
Gibeck® Humid-Vent® Filter Pedi
Gibeck® Humid-Vent® Compact Filter, Angled
Gibeck® Humid-Vent® Compact Filter
Product # 36-10011EA 36-11112 660866 36-11012 36-18402 36-19402EA
Moisture Output 30mg/L (at 20mL VT) 30.5mg/L (at 0.2L VT) 28mg H2O/L at 0.6L VT 30, Vt = 0.1 L 31mg H2O/L at VT 600mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 800mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 1000mL 31mg H2O/L at VT 600mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 800mL, 30mg H2O/L at VT 1000mL
Connector Size 15mm ID x 15mm OD
Packaging Type Individually Packaged
Weight 4.5g 9.4g 26.4g 16 to 80lb 32g 31g
Resistance 0.9cm H2O at 10lpm 0.3cm H2O at 20lpm 0.8cm H2O at 60L/min 1.4, 20lpm 1.8cm H2O at 60L/min 1.8cm H2O at 60L/min
Disposable Yes
Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.99+% >99.99% >99.99%
Life Stage Neonatal Paediatric
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 99.9999% > 99.99999% > 99.99999%
Filter Type Compact, Angled (1) Plastic Bite Stick, (1) Airway Kit, Sizes 1 to 6, (1) Insect Sting Swabs, 10/BX, (1) Elastic Bandage, Latex-free, 3, (1) Elastic Bandage, 4in x 4.5yd, (2) Adhesive Tape Roll, 1, (2) Adhesive Tape Roll, 2, (10) Gauze Pads, 2 x 2, (10) Gauze Pads, 3 x 3, (10) Gauze Pads, 4 x 4, (8) Eye Pads, (3) Sterile Conforming Bandage, 2in x 4yd, (3) Sterile Conforming Bandage, 3in x 4yd, (3) Sterile Conforming Bandage, 4in x 4yd, (3) Sterile Conforming Bandage, 6, (1) Sheer Strip Adhesive Bandages, 1 Box, 1 x 3, (4) Abdominal Pads, 5 x 9, (2) Sterile Multi-trauma Bandage, 12 x 30, (1) DisposableSterile Burn Sheet, 60 x 90, (1) Stethoscope, Black, (1) Cotton Cuff Economy Sphygmomanometer, Adult, Gray, (1) Trauma Shears, Royal Blue, (1) Splinter Forceps, 4.5, (1) Glutose-15, (3) Cold Packs, Individually Boxed, 4 x 6, (1) Latex Gloves, 10/Box, (1) Sterile Water for Irrigation, 500mL, (1) Space Rescue Blanket, (1) Ammonia Inhalants, 10/Box, (1) Actidose Aqua Activated Charcoal, 15g/72mL, (4) Triangular Bandage, 40 x 56, (2) DisposablePenlight, (1) Pocket CPR Barrier with Gloves and Wipe
Moisture Loss 6mg H2O/L at 500mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT 6mg H2O/L at 500mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT, 7mg H2O/L at 750mL VT
Sterile Sterile Sterile Sterile
Tidal Volume 15 to 50mL 50 to 600mL 250 to 1500mL 50 to 250mL 150 to 1000mL 150 to 1000mL
Dead Space 2.4mL 10mL 54mL 13mL 38mL 35mL
Brand Gibeck Humid-Vent Gibeck Humid-Vent 1 Gibeck Humid-Vent 2 Humid-Vent® Gibeck Humid-Vent Gibeck Humid-Vent
Connection Port 15mm ID 22mm Male/15mm Female - 15mm Male/22mm Female 22mm Male/15mm Female - 15mm Male/22mm Female