Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifiers with Filter

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Product description:

Hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (also called heat and moisture exchangers - HME/HMEF) effectively provide heat and moisture delivery/recovery for ventilated and spontaneously breathing patients. HCHs are compatible with leading breathing systems.

  • Size: 250 to 1500mL
  • Filter
  • Round
  • Available with sampling Port
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Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier with Filter, Round, 250 to 1500mL
Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier with Filter and Sampling Port, Round, 250 to 1500mL
Product # 87-FH603005EA 87-FH603008
With Filter Filter and Sampling Port
Moisture Output 33mg/L (at ±0.1g VT) 33mg/L (at ±0.1g VT)
I.D./O.D. 22mm ID x 22mm OD/15mm ID 22mm ID x 22mm OD/15mm ID
Weight 37.2g/38.3g 37.2g/38.3g
Latex Free Yes Yes
Tidal Volume 250 to 1500mL 250 to 1500mL
Dead Space 90mL 90mL
Brand Ventlab Ventlab
Disposable Yes Yes
Resistance <1cm H2O at 8lpm, <1cm H2O at 30lpm <1cm H2O at 8lpm, <1cm H2O at 30lpm
Sampling Port No Yes