Ventlab Bacterial/Viral Filters

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Product description:
Bacterial and viral (B/V) filters from Ventlab help reduce the transmission of microbes and other particulate matter in the breathing system. Providing highly efficient filtration, the B/V filters are lightweight and shaped to reduce drag on the breathing system while ensuring patient comfort.
  • Helps reduce the transmission of microbes and other particulate matter in the breathing system
  • Filters up to 99.99% of expiratory bacterial/viral content
  • Designed to reduce drag on the breathing system while ensuring patient comfort
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Compatible with leading breathing systems
Item #87-BF102EA
  • 19mm ID x 22mm ID / 30mm OD
Item #87-FH603003EA
  • 22mm ID x 15mm ID / 22mm OD
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Ventlab Bacterial/Viral Filter, 20mL Dead Space *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Ventlab Bacterial/Viral Filter, 54mL Dead Space *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Product # 87-BF102EA 87-FH603003EA
Viral Filtration Efficiency >99.99% >99.99%
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99.99% >99.99%
Port No No/Yes
Weight 11.8g 25g/25.7g
Latex Free Yes Yes
Brand Ventlab Ventlab
Dead Space 20mL 54mL
Disposable Yes Yes
Resistance <2.2cm H2O at 30L/min <1cm H2O at 30L/min, <2cm H2O at 60L/min
Connection Port 19mm ID x 22mm ID/30mm OD 22mm ID x 15mm ID/22mm OD