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Gibeck Iso-Gard® HEPA Small Filter, 150 to 800mL, Straight

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Product description:
This true hydrophobic HEPA Class 13 filter features the SAM®e proven bi-directional bacterial/viral filtration media used in larger models at the SAM®e 99.9999+% efficiency, but at half the size. The filter works by providing high-level filtration protection while conserving patient heat and humidity. This HEPA filter is great for anesthesia applications and is ideal for both adult and pediatric patients. This filter also features a CO2 monitoring port, luer cap, and cap docking station.
  • High-level filtration protection while conserving patient exhaled heat and humidity (see moisture output on chart)
  • For use with adult and pediatric patients in anesthesia applications
  • True hydrophobic HEPA filter, HEPA class 13
  • Smooth, llightweight, transparent, low-dead space housing design for maximum patient and staff comfort
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Gibeck Iso-Gard® HEPA Small Filter, 150 to 800mL, Straight
Product # 28062
Viral Efficiency 99.9999+%
With CO2 Monitor Port
Bacterial Efficiency 99.9999+%
Moisture Output 25mg/L (at 0.25L VT)
For use with Adult and Pediatric Patients in Anesthesia Applications
Weight 23g
Tidal Volume 150 to 800mL
Dead Space 29mL
Brand Gibeck Iso-Gard®
Resistance 2.3cm H2O