Hudson RCI® Disposable Humidifiers

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Product description:

The Hudson RCI® Disposable Humidifier features a unique diffuser designed to provide patients with comfortable, therapeutic humidity and minimal noise.

  • Disposable, durable plastic with preset audible alarm in 2 options, either 4 or 6 psi pressure relief
  • 6 psi model allows the use of longer lengths of oxygen tubing without the audible alarm sounding
  • 500 mL usable volume
  • Defined maximum and minimum water level lines
  • Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off outlet connection
  • Individually packaged
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Latex Free
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*Limited Quantity* Disposable Bubble Humidifier, 500mL, 4psi
*Limited Quantity* Disposable Bubble Humidifier, 500mL, 6psi
Product # 413230 11019
Volume 500mL 500mL
With Preset Audible Alarm, PressureRelief Defined Water Level Lines, Preset Audible Alarm, PressureRelief
Material Plastic
Flow Rate 12lpm (up to 20ft Tubing), 10lpm (21 to 30ft Tubing), 9lpm (31 to 40ft Tubing), 8lpm (41 to 50ft Tubing)
Valve Type 4psi 6psi
Latex Free Yes
Brand Hudson RCI®
Disposable Yes Yes