IntuBrite™ Laryngoscope Handles, Disposable, Greenline, Fiber Optic

Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
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Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
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Product description:

FIBER OPTIC DISPOSABLE HANDLES: Constructed of high-quality aluminum, IntuBrite’s™ disposable Fiber Optic handles illuminates our disposable Fiber Optic blades with IntuBrite’s™ proprietary cool white and ultraviolet spectrum. This unique, all-metal disposable Fiber Optic handle provides an additional option for hospitals & EMS services seeking to eliminate cross contamination risk, simplify laryngoscope processing and lower overall costs. Built to ISO Green Standard System specifications, and available in standard, stubby and pediatric sizes.

Handles available in Standard, Stubby and Pediatric sizes.

Watch-size lithium batteries are pre-installed for quick single use, and are easily removed for separate disposal. These fiber optic disposable handles will illuminate IntuBrite™ blades for up to 2 hours.

COST EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY: IntuBrite’s disposable Fiber Optic laryngoscopy systems are affordable for hospital and EMS use alike. These disposable blades and handles help reduce costs in sterile processing and inventory control while providing state of the art laryngoscope technology.

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IntuBrite™ Disposable Greenline Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle, Pediatric
IntuBrite™ Disposable Greenline Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle, Stubby
IntuBrite™ Disposable Greenline Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle, Medium
Product # 2142-60163 2142-60173 2142-60153
Lamp/Light Type LED LED LED
Illumination Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Fiber Optic
Handle Type Penlight/Paediatric Stubby Medium/Standard
Handle Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Usage Disposable Disposable Disposable
Sterile Medically Clean Medically Clean Medically Clean
Video Resolution Battery Battery Battery
Brand IntuBrite™ IntuBrite™ IntuBrite™