Flared Nasal Cannulas

Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
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Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
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Product description:
These adult oxygen nasal cannulas feature clear nasal prongs and are designed for patients who require medium-low concentrations of oxygen. The over-the-ear design maintains proper positioning of nasal tips while allowing for complete freedom of movement. Kink-resistant tubing is included.
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Flared Nasal Cannula, Neonate
Flared Nasal Cannula, Infant
Flared Nasal Cannula, Pediatric/Small Adult
Product # 77-1611EA 1601 77-1602EA
With 7ft Supply Tube 7ft Supply Tube 7ft Supply Tube
For use with Oxygen Flows up to 3lpm Oxygen Flows up to 6lpm
Life Stage Neonate Infant Pediatric/Small Adult