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Ventlab High Concentration Oxygen Masks

List Price: $1.89 EA
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View All Specs
Product description:

Oxygen Mask features:

  • Delivers high concentration of oxygen
  • Reservoir bag assures oxygen supply to meet variable breathing patterns and tidal volumes
  • Soft, pliable mask fits comfortably on patient
  • Transparent PVC mask enables clear visualization of patient
  • Swivel connector design ensures uninterrupted flow of oxygen from the bag to the patient
  • Fits-All Connector
  • Size: Adult


  • Elastic head strap
  • 7ft 3-channel oxygen tubing with all sizes
  • Partial non-rebreather or Total non-rebreather
  • Designed with one valve for partial non-rebreather; two valves for total non-rebreather
  • Pliable nose clip
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Oxygen Mask, Fits-All Connector, Total Non-Rebreather, Adult
Oxygen Mask, Parital Non-Rebreathing, Fits-All Connector, Adult
Product # 2356-21026 2356-21016
Color Clear Clear
Mask Type Non-Rebreather Non-Rebreather
Size One SizeFits Most One SizeFits Most
Material Vinyl Resin Vinyl Resin
Length Elongated Elongated
Concentration High High
Style Under the Chin Under the Chin
Tubing Length 7ft 7ft