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Air-Q Blocker Disposable Airways/Lubricant/Syringe

Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
List Price: $41.99 EA
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Manufacturer: SALTER LABS, INC.
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Product description:

Perfect placement made easy with air-Q.


  • The airway that creates an airway
    • Unique air-Q epiglottis elevator opens the airway and a ramp guides the ET tube placement, providing unparalleled airway access.
  • Designed by clinicians to optimize airway placement and patient safety
    • All air-Q intubating laryngeal masks include features informed by and designed by clinicians to improve airway placement and patient safety.
  • Safety and confidence no matter what clinical challenge you face
    • Air-Q Intubating Laryngeal Airway comes in three variants across a wide range of sizes. Air-Q standard provides east of ETT placement when unexpected intubation is required. air-Qsp (Self-pressurizing) eliminates the need for manual inflation. air-Q Blocker provides gastric access. air-Q Standard and air-Qsp are available in single-patient disposable and reusable.
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2.5 air-Q Blocker Disp Airway Kit, Lube, 10cc Syringe, Swivel Elbow, YLW CNCTR, Max ETT 6.5,30-50kgs
3.5 air-Q Blocker Disp Airway Kit Lube, 10cc Syringe, Swivel Elbow, Red CNCTR, Max ETT 7.5,50-70kgs
4.5 air-Q Blocker Disp Airway Kit, Lube 10cc Syringe, Swivel Elbow,PRPL CNCTR, Max ETT 8.5,70-100kgs
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