Combitube Airway Trays

Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Product description:
Combitube® Airway Emergency Intubation is designed for difficult or emergency intubation. Tray Packaging. Designed for emergency intubation, this airway provides sufficient ventilation whether it is placed in the esophagus or the trachea. Blind intubation made easy. No need for a laryngoscope or visualization of the airway. Comes with two inflation syringes, elbow and a suction catheter. Comes in two sizes, 37 and 41 French.
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Combitube Airway Emergency Intubation in Tray, Small Adult, Under 5ft 6in
Combitube Airway Emergency Intubation in Tray, Adult, 5ft 6in or Taller
Product # 0218537 0218541
Suction Catheter Yes Yes
Syringe Yes Yes
Elbow Yes Yes
Patient Size <5ft 6in 5ft 6in+
Life Stage Small Adult Adult
Brand Combitube® Combitube®
Disposable Yes Yes
Cuff Volume 87mL (Large), 12mL (Small) 100mL (Large), 15mL (Small)