i-Gel O2 Resus Packs

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Product description:

The i-Gel O2 Resus Pack contains:

  • i-Gel O2
  • An easily removable inner tray
  • Containing a sachet of lubricant
  • An airway support strap
  • All packaged in a specially designed clear, sterile, rigid pack
    • Unique design ensures protection of the contents, both in transit and in storage


  • Ease and speed of insertion
  • Reduced trauma
  • Superior seal pressure
  • Gastric access
  • Integral bite block
  • Non-inflatable cuff
  • Color coded hook ring to allow quick and easy identification of size

The i-gel O2 Resus Pack is available in three adult sizes.

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i-Gel® O2 Resus Pack, Size 4, Medium Adult
i-gel® O2 Resus Pack, Size 3, Small Adult
i-Gel® O2 Resus Pack, Size 5, Large Adult
Product # 2114-87302 2114-87301 2114-87303
Suction Catheter 12fr 12fr 12fr
Size 4 3 5
Patient Size 50 to 90kg 30 to 60kg 90+kg
Connector Color Green Yellow Orange
Life Stage Medium Adult Small Adult Large Adult
Brand i-gel® i-gel® i-gel®
Disposable Yes Yes Yes