Shiley™ Satin Slip Intubating Stylets

Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Product description:

Satin Slip® intubating stylet facilitates intubation of tracheal tubes.

  • Latex-free
  • Made of malleable aluminum covered with a plastic sheath with a lubricated Satin-Slip™ surface
  • Helps reduce friction between stylet and tracheal tube for easy insertion and withdrawal
  • Sheath extends beyond tip to reduce the risk of trauma if the stylet extends beyond tip of tracheal tube
  • Comes in three sizes and lengths: 6Fr, 3.3mm, 10Fr, and 4.6mm 14Fr
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Shiley™ Satin Slip Intubating Stylet, 6fr x 2mm
Shiley™ Satin Slip Intubating Stylet, 10fr x 3.3mm
Shiley™ Satin Slip Intubating Stylet, 14fr x 4.6mm
Product # 2120-863 2120-864 507-85865EA
Material Malleable aluminum Malleable aluminum Malleable aluminum
Life Stage Pediatric Adult Adult
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 6fr x 2mm 10fr x 3.3mm 14fr x 4.6mm