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Wireless Fridge Thermometer & Clock, Up to 100 Yards Range
Manufacturer: ENGEL USA
List Price: $54.99 EA
Manufacturer: ENGEL USA
Product description:
Wirelessly monitor your fridge, freezer or cooler temperature from up to 100 yards away. Place the receiver on your dashboard or in your galley and easily keep track and monitor your fridge, freezer or coolers performance. Each unit is coded and once paired will not interfere with other units operating in the SAM®e area. So you can set up multiple units if you wish. Easily switches from C to F.
  • Ambient (receiver unit) temperature range: 0 to +60
  • Fridge (remote sensor) temperature range: -40 to +65
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0
  • Battery life: Approximately 24 months for receiver. Approximately 24 months for transmitter
  • Transmission range: 300ft (100m) in open area
  • Thermo sensor: Wired remote thermo sensor attached to sender unit. So the sender and batteries can stay out of the fridge
  • Minimum/maximum: Displays and records the minimum and maximum temperature
  • Range: Up to 100yd clear line of sight
  • °F /°C: Selectable to degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit
  • Batteries: Batteries not included
  • Power requirement(receiver): 2 x AA LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power requirement(transmitter): 2 x AAA LR03 alkaline batteries
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Total Items Selected
Wireless Fridge Thermometer & Clock, Up to 100 Yards Range
Product # 1890-05201
For Use With Engel 15 and 17 Quart Model
Transmission Frequency 433MHZ