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Chito-SAM 100 Chitosan Hemostatic Dressings

Manufacturer: SAM MEDICAL
List Price: $12.59 - $37.99 EA
Manufacturer: SAM MEDICAL
Product description:
Chitosan is a unique hemostatic material that produces localized clotting. It is not a procoagulant that engages or stimulates the normal clotting cascade. This minimizes the risk of an embolism. In addition chitosan has proven antimicrobial properties. It is broken down and absorbed through normal metabolic pathways. Chitosan has an extensive history of use in vascular closure and in human cardiac surgery.

Chito-SAM 100 is a high performance 100% pure chitosan hemostatic dressing designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. It is easy to use, extremely effective, and safe. It is a CE Marked Class III Medical Device. Chito-SAM 100 works independently of the body’s normal clotting processes. Unlike most hemostatic dressings, Chito-SAM 100 is made of non-woven, 100% pure chito-san. The hemostatic performance is extremely effective compared to products impregnated or coated with chitosan hemostatic agents.

  • Medical grade, 100% pure chitosan
  • Easily removed with water or saline solution
  • Sterile, waterproof packaging
  • Controls bleeding in minutes
  • Tear Anywhere packaging for quick access
  • Easy to apply
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Total Items Selected
Chito-SAM® 100% Chitosan Hemostatic Dressing, 4in x 4in
Chito-SAM® 100% Chitosan Hemostatic Dressing, Z-Fold, 6in x 72in
Product # 1214-00420 1214-00620
Material 100% Pure Chitosan 100% Pure Chitosan
Application Controls Bleeding Controls Bleeding
Thickness 1-ply
Sterile Yes Yes
Dimension 4in x 4in 3in x 72in
Brand Chito-SAM® Chito-SAM®