Israeli Emergency Bandages

Manufacturer: PerSys Medical
List Price: $7.69 - $14.99 EA
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Manufacturer: PerSys Medical
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Catalog page # 163
Product description:
The Emergency Bandages feature:
  • All-in-one bandage consolidates multiple first-aid devices such as:
    • A primary dressing
    • Pressure applicator
    • Secondary dressing
    • A foolproof closure apparatus to secure the bandage in place
  • Saves significant time, space and provides cost savings
  • Quick and easy application
  • Versatile and X-Ray friendly, in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Secure, water-resistant pressure applicator and closure bar
Available in various sizes
Available colors: white or olive drab
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Total Items Selected
Israeli Emergency Bandage, White, 4in
Israeli Emergency Bandage with Sliding Mobile Pad, Green, 6in
Israeli Emergency Bandage, White, 6in
Abdominal Israeli Bandage, Sterile, Green, 8in
Israeli Emergency Bandage, Green, 4in
Israeli Emergency Bandage, Green, 6in
Product # J2702 FCP05 16888 1212-09006 J2704 J2700
Color White Green White Green Green Green
Life Stage XL
Sterile Yes
Width 4in 6in 6in 4in 6in
Dimensions 12in x 12in
Bandage Type Emergency Emergency Emergency Emergency Emergency