Burnfree Sterile Burn Dressings

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Product description:
BURNFREE® Sterile Burn Dressings are designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the BURNFREE® solution. BURNFREE® dressings have several beneficial physical characteristics such as:
  • Efficiently covers the burned area and yet elastic enough to accommodate possible swelling or the need to flex joints.
  • They are light, easily transportable sterile dressings.
  • A single application of this dressing is an effective first-aid measure on burns.
  • The dressings have a foam carrier and the foam's high absorption capabilities allow complete delivery of the gel to the burn site.
  • BURNFREE® dressings are non-adherent and the inert foam base will not shed threads, strands, fibers, etc., that might become embedded in the wound.
  • The moist BURNFREE® solution facilitates easy removal for inspection and treatment of the injured area. The gel leaves no residue. It can easily be removed with water during normal debridement. BURNFREE® gel is completely water soluble.
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Burn Dressings, Sterile, 4in x 4in
Burnfree Sterile Burn Dressings, Sterile, 12in x 12in
Burn Dressings, Sterile, 8in x 8in
Product # 711800 1216-21212 711801
Dressing Type Burn Burn Burn
Water Soluble Yes Yes Yes
Sterile Yes Yes Yes
Ingredients Purified Water, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Emulsifiers and Preservatives Purified Water, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Emulsifiers and Preservatives
Dimensions 4in x 4in 12in x 12in 8in x 8in
Brand Burnfree