Sterile Gauze Sponges

Manufacturer: DUKAL CORP.
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Manufacturer: DUKAL CORP.
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Product description:
Made of 100% woven cotton Type VII Gauze Sponges are strong, absorbent and durable. The sponges come banded in 10s for your convenience and are offered in a plastic rigid tray to allow for antiseptic application. Available in different options.
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Gauze Sponge, 16-ply, 4in x 4in
Gauze Sponge, 12-ply, 4in x 4in
Product # 276-416-10TY 084121
Absorbency High High
Material 100% Woven Cotton 100% Woven Cotton
Thickness 16-ply 12-ply
Sterile Yes Yes
Latex Free Yes Yes
Dimensions 4in x 4in 4in x 4in