Hurricaine Spray

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Product description:
Designed for temporary relief of pain on any accessible mucous membrane, it also provides a combination of rapid onset (15-30 seconds) and short duration (12-15 minutes) with little systemic absorption.
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Hurricaine® Topical Anesthetic Spray Kit, Cherry, With 200 Disposable Extension Tube
Hurricaine® Topical Anesthetic Spray, 2oz, With 1 Extension Tube
Product # 376796 37501
Flavor (1) Vest, Commander, MCI Management, Royal Blue, (1) Vest, Triage, MCI Management, Yellow, (1) Vest, Treatment, MCI Management, Red, (1) Vest, Transport, MCI Management, Green, (1) Vest, Staging, MCI Management, Orange, (1) Posse Box Plain PB37C, (25) Triage Tags, (1) Tape, Triage Red Conterra, (1) Tape, Triage Yellow Conterra, (1) Tape, Triage Green Conterra, (1) Tape, Triage Black/White Conterra, (1) San Marcos Cert Red Bag
With Extension Tube
Contains 20% Benzocaine that Anesthetizes within 30Sec, Has a Short Duration of 15 to 20min, Has No Artificial Colors, and Tastes Great
Packaging Type Can Can
Weight 2oz 2oz
Brand Hurricaine® Hurricaine®