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Manufacturer: SAFETEC
Non-Returnable Product
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Manufacturer: SAFETEC
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Product description:
For temporary relief from pain and itching caused by insect stings and bites, simply apply Safetec Sting Relief to the affected area and feel relief fast with Lidocaine, helping to minimize the pain. If you can stop the urge to itch, you can reduce your chance of a secondary infection.
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Sting Relief Wipe, 1.125in x 2.75in
Sting Relief Wipes, 1.125inch x 2.75inch
Sting Relief Spray Bottle, 2oz
Product # 1410-52014 1410-52015 8359
Packaging Type Spray Bottle
Container Type Individual Packet
Dimensions 1.125in x 2.75in
Capacity 2oz