USP Sterile Water, 1000mL *Non-Returnable*

Manufacturer: NURSE ASSIST, INC
Regulated product
Non-Returnable Product
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Manufacturer: NURSE ASSIST, INC
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Product description:

1000ML sterile water for wound irrigation in a convenient plastic pour bottle.

Bottle Design

  • The bottle design is in line with our current product offerings to help distinguish our products
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Thicker wall on the bottle so it is not punctured or penetrated around sharp objects
  • The robust container makes it a more suitable shipping product to alleviate the arrival of damaged product
  • The bottle offers a safety seal and screw top dust cover for extra protection
  • Labeling is easily identifiable for the industry (orange is standard for Normal Saline, and blue for Sterile Water)

Case Quantity

  • Smaller quantity is lighter weight for easy pickup and placement by staff members
  • Makes the product suitable for smaller shipments if you ship small package options to your clients
  • It takes up less room on the Institution’s shelving to help maximize spacing
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USP Sterile Water, 1000mL *Non-Returnable*
Product # 1922-06291
Application Moistening of Wound Dressings, Wound Debridement and Device Irrigation
Sterile Yes
Grade USP
Container Type Plastic Bottle
Volume Range 1000mL