Gray Top Blood Collection Tubes

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Product description:

Gray Top Blood Collection Tube contains fluoride and oxalate.

Vacutainer® brand sterile chemistry tubes with the Hemogard™ closure help to protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube, as well as from blood splattering upon opening the tube. The rubber stopper is recessed inside the plastic shield, so any drops left by a blood collection needle remain isolated from potential contact.

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Sterilization Method
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Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube with Silicone Coated Gray Stopper, 5mL, 13mm x 75mm
Vacutainer® Plus Venous Blood Collection Fluoride Tube with Hemogard™ Closure, 6mL, 13mm x 100mm
Vacutainer® Plus Venous Blood Collection Fluoride Tube with Hemogard™ Closure, 4mL, 13mm x 75mm
Product # 47-8881352481BX SG367925 357922
Closure Type Conventional Closure Hemogard™ Hemogard™
Coating Silicone Coated Stopper Silicone Coated Cap Silicone Coated Cap
Color Gray Light Gray Light Gray
Draw Volume 5mL 6mL 4mL
Label Type Paper Paper
Type Glucose Determination Glucose Determination Glucose Determination
Additive 10mg Potassium Oxalate, 12.5mg Sodium Fluoride Glycolytic Inhibitor, 11.8mg Potassium Oxalate, 14.8mg Sodium Fluoride Glycolytic Inhibitor, 8mg Potassium Oxalate, 10mg Sodium Fluoride
Tube Color Clear Clear Clear
Material Glass Plastic Plastic
Application Used for Laboratory Procedures Requiring Plasma or Whole Blood - Chemistry Procedures where Glycolytic Inhibition of Specimen is Required Used to Collect Samples for Glucose Determinations Used to Collect Samples for Glucose Determinations
Sterilization Method Gamma Radiation
Sterile Yes Yes Yes
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes
Brand Monoject™ Vacutainer® Plus Vacutainer® Plus
Dimensions 13mm x 75mm 13mm x 100mm 13mm x 75mm