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Blood Administration Set, Y-type

Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL, INC
List Price: $7.79 - $8.09 EA
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Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL, INC
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Product description:
  • 10 drops/mL
  • Y-type blood set
  • 170 micron blood filter
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Priming Volume
Tubing Length
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Blood Administration Set, Y-type, 87in L
Gravity Blood Admin Set w/2 Non-NF Sites, 96in L
Product # 6127 C884377
Priming Volume 34mL 36mL
Y-Site Type Yes Yes
Sterile Sterile Sterile
Connector Type Spin-lock Spin-lock
Style Drip chamber
Tubing Length 87in 96in