Saf-T-Intima IV Catheters

Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable Product
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Product description:
Saf-T-Intima IV Catheter combines needlestick protection with a virtually bloodless start.
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Catheter Material
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Total Items Selected
Saf-T-Intima™ Closed IV Catheter System with PRN Adapter, 20ga x 1in L, Pink *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Saf-T-Intima™ Closed IV Catheter System with PRN Adapter, 24ga x 0.75in L, Yellow *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Saf-T-Intima™ IV Catheter Safety System, 22ga x 3/4in Catheter Length *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Product # 132-38-3335BX 132-38-3312BX 383323
Gauge 20ga 24ga 22ga
Catheter Type Safety Safety
Color Pink Yellow Blue
Catheter Length 3/4in
Hub Style Winged
Length 1in 0.75in
Needle Point Style Notched Needle Notched Needle Notched
Adapter Type PRN Adapter PRN Adapter
Catheter Material BD Vialon™
Disposable Yes Yes Yes
Component Type Safety
Material Vialon™ Biomaterial Vialon™ Biomaterial
Hub Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Sterile Sterile Sterile Yes
Gravity Flow Rate 55mL/min 22mL/min
Tube I.D. 1.22mm ID 0.96mm ID
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes
Hub Type Winged Winged
X-Ray Compatibility Radiopaque Radiopaque Radiopaque
Needle Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Brand Saf-T-Intima™ Saf-T-Intima™ Saf-T-Intima™
Dimensions 0.7620 to 0.8382in ID x 1.0414 to 1.1176in OD 0.4826 to 0.5588in ID x 0.6604 to 0.7366in OD