Winged Infusion Sets

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Product description:
A precisely honed needle with ultra thin wall design assures ease of penetration and continued access with a single insertion. An exclusive, silicone lubricant provides smoother needle passage through tissue. And with the needles bonded to the wings at a slight downward angle, there is less risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen. Soft and flexible, the wings readily conform to the body contour. Available in different sizes.
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Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets, 19ga x 3/4in L
Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets, 21ga x 3/4in L
Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets, 23ga x 3/4in L
Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets, 25ga x 3/4in L
Product # 602019 602021 602023 602025
Thickness 19ga 21ga 23ga 25ga
Needle Length 3/4in 3/4in 3/4in 3/4in
Latex Free Yes No Yes Yes
Brand Surflo® Surflo® Surflo® Surflo®
Tubing Length 12in 12in 12in 12in