Baksnap® Retractable Tuberculin Safety Syringe with Needle, 1cc, 25ga x 5/8in

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Product description:
The Baksnap® retractable safety syringe's operation is simple and it is easy to handle. In only two seconds the plunger can be pulled back, snapped, and the entire unit disposed of. Otherwise, the Baksnap® retractable safety syringe is used in the same way as the conventional syringe. Instead of recapping, by mere two-second operation time, lives are saved. Baksnap® retractable safety syringe has been developed to take place of the conventional syringe. This safety function is an intelligent invention, which provides the healthcare workers with a simple, easy-to-use, and high quality device.
  • Retractable: Prevents needle-stick injury, stops viral transmission
  • Changeable needle: Lower inventory and management costs
  • No recapping: Reduces exposure risk
  • 99% Identical to conventional needle: Minimum training only, easy handling
  • Auto-destruction: User friendly
  • Safety mechanism: Non-reusable, self destruction when injection is complete
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Baksnap® Retractable Tuberculin Safety Syringe with Needle, 1cc, 25ga x 5/8in
Product # 11616
Needle Dimension 25ga x 5/8in
Plunger Stop Positive
Needle Style Attached
Material Plastic
Needle Included Yes
Needle Type Fixed, Retractable
Sterile Sterile
Barrel Color Clear
Needle Material Stainless Steel
Brand Baksnap®
Disposable Yes
Capacity 1cc