Syringes w/Needle, 3cc

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Product description:
PrecisionGlide™ Needle, combined with BD's clear barrel featuring bold scale. 3 cc BD Luer-Lok™ syringe with positive plunger rod stop and tapered plunger rod design. Packaging is clearly labeled. BD PrecisionGlide™ needle, regular bevel, regular wall. Detachable needle.
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Hub Color
Needle Point Style
Needle Dimension
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Total Items Selected
Luer-Lok Tip Syringe with Blunt-fill Detachable Needle, 3cc, 18ga x 1-1/2in
PrecisionGlide™ Luer-Lok Tip Syringe with Detachable Needle, 3cc, 18ga x 1-1/2in
PrecisionGlide™ Luer-Lok Tip Syringe with Detachable Needle, 3cc, 22ga x 1in
Product # 1631-50618 C012358 629572
Needle Style Detachable Detachable Detachable
Hub Color Pink Pink Black
Needle Point Style Blunt Fill Bevel Bevel
Pyrogenic Yes Yes Yes
Capacity 3cc 3cc 3cc
Sterilization Method Ethylene Oxide, Radiation Ethylene Oxide, Radiation Ethylene Oxide, Radiation
Tip Type Luer Lock Luer Lock Luer Lock
Needle Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Brand PrecisionGlide™ PrecisionGlide™
Needle Dimension 18ga x 1-1/2in 18ga x 1-1/2in 22ga x 1in
PVC-Free Yes Yes Yes
Syringe Tip Orientation Concentric Concentric Concentric
Hub Style Luer Luer Luer
Graduations 0.1mL 0.1mL 0.1mL
Disposable Yes Yes Yes
Wall Type Regular Regular Regular
Plunger Stop Positive Positive Positive
Needle Tip Type Regular Regular Regular
Application Medication Transfer
Material Plastic Plastic
Needle Included Yes Yes Yes
Needle Type Hypodermic Hypodermic Hypodermic
Sterile Sterile Sterile Sterile
Hub Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes