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Fasplint Fullbody® Vacuum Splint with Mattress
List Price: $239.99 EA
Product description:
The new Fasplint® Fullbody® splint provides fast, effective and comfortable vacuum immobilization at a budget-friendly price. Using portable suction or one of hartwell medical’s durable vacuum pumps, it molds to the exact shape of each patient’s body to support and immobilize without applying the pressure that can lead to pressure sores and soft tissue damage. Instead of trying to fit your patient to a hard, flat backboard, you can stabilize themin the position that is most comfortable for them. This makes it ideal when transporting geriatric patients, patients with kyphosis whose spine curvature does not let them lie flat on a backboard, patients with hip fractures, patients who may be more comfortable with their knees flexed and many more. Using orange, semi-disposable Fasplint® material on the front and gray, durable Evac-U-Splint® material on the back, this splint is designed to be both budget-friendly and re-usable. It’s the most cost-effective way to treat patients without sacrificing the bestin care.
  • Stabilizes a patient in the position most comfortable for them
  • Ideal for geriatric care and transport
  • Provides full spinal immobilization from the head to the hips
  • Alleviates pressure point pain and vastly increases patient comfort when used with any backboard, scoop stretcher or fabric flat stretcher
  • Polystyrene beads insulate the patient to help maintain body temperature
  • Economical, tapered design accommodates your budget and your storage space
  • Low initial cost, re-useable and easy to clean - the Fasplint® halfback is a very low cost per use device
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Total Items Selected
Fasplint Fullbody® Vacuum Splint with Mattress
Product # 3011-10013
Splint Type Vacuum
Application Provides Full Spinal Immobilization from the Head to the Hip
Brand Fasplint Fullbody®