Shoulder Harness Strap Systems

Manufacturer: DMS
List Price: $72.99 - $84.99 EA
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Manufacturer: DMS
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Product description:
The Shoulder Harness Strap System, Impervious webbing, is designed to minimize patient movement. The shoulder restraint system incorporates 2 adjustable shoulder straps and a 2 piece lap strap with a metal push button buckle. Loop Lok ends attach to stretcher/cot at 4 different points and each strap is fully adjustable.
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Impervious Shoulder Harness Restraint System, Yellow
Impervious Shoulder Harness Strap System, Orange
Product # 3175-38507 56-1385XOR-7
Color Yellow Orange
Material Impervious Impervious Webbing
Type Multi-strap and Metal Push Button Multi-strap and Metal Push Button
Restraint Chest Chest