Sager Splint Combo Kits

Manufacturer: MINTO RESEARCH
List Price: $899.99 - $1,019.99 ST
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Manufacturer: MINTO RESEARCH
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Product description:
Combo Pack System that combines multiple Splint Systems. These systems are patented system permits you to continually apply dynamic traction and document exactly how much traction you have applied to your patient. Simple, one-person Application in 30-45 seconds before or after application of anti-shock pants. Can be applied to the patient in any position. Compact, easy to store and easy to carry. New generation 300 series includes a radiolucent articulating base, comfortable wide-leg cushion and longer ankle harness for ski boots.
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Sager® S300-1 Splint Combo Pack 1 with Soft Green Case
Sager® S300-4 Splint Combo Pack 2 with Soft Green Case
Product # 563003 563002
Splint Type Traction Traction
Life Stage Infant Infant
Model S300-1 S300-4
Type Splint Combo Pack 1 Splint Combo Pack 2
Brand Sager® Sager®