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Traction Splints

Manufacturer: FARETEC, INC.
List Price: $156.99 - $219.99 EA
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Manufacturer: FARETEC, INC.
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Catalog page # 272
Product description:
The Faretec CT-6 Traction Splint, DOD Unique and field tested, offers corrosion resistance, temperature stability, superior yield strength and a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The CT-6 is manufactured in tactical black for minimal visibility. The adjusting system of the CT-6 and CT-EMS allows for a micro adjustment to generate a precise amount of traction. This splint weighs less than the competition while at the same time is stronger and more impact resistant

  • Rugged design and construction make this splint an ideal choice for tough field application under all conditions
  • Carbon fiber technology produces a strong and light splint that will not stick to gloved hands in cold weather
  • Modern construction techniques produce a splint that is lighter than most other splints, yet it is stronger and more impact resistant
  • Modular construction allows for a full range of fit, from pediatric to adult patients
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Life Stage
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Total Items Selected
CT-6 Traction Splint, Pediatric/Adult
CT-6 Tactical Leg Military Traction Splint, Pediatric/Adult, 1/2in Pole Depth
CT-EMS Traction Splint with Blue Carrying Bag, Civilian Version, Pediatric/Adult, Orange Straps
Product # 3020-62411 566624 322-1126626
Closure Type Cobra Buckle, Ischial Strap Straps, Aluminum/Plastic Buckles
Splint Type Traction Traction Traction
With Black Carrying Bag
Size 3in x 4in x 12in Pediatric, Adult Pediatric, Adult
Color Black Black Orange Straps, Black Carbon
Material Carbon Fiber Tubing, Nylon Webbing, Aluminum/Plastic Buckles Carbon Fiber Poles and Injection Molded Plastic Carbon Fiber Tubing, Nylon Webbing, Aluminum/Plastic Buckles
For Use With For Pre Hospital Care and Patient Transport, Specifically in Combat Scenarios
Weight 1lb 1.1lb 1lb
Life Stage Pediatric/Adult
Style Military/DOD Civilian Version