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Evac-U-Splint® Complete System

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Product description:

The complete system includes the Evac-U-Splint® adult mattress and the extremity splint set, both storage/carry cases, and our indestructible aluminum pumps. The standard vacuum pump with foot stirrup is packaged with the adult mattress and the compact vacuum pump is stored with the splint kit, so you will always have the pump you need. All Evac-U-Splint® products come with the easy-to-use MaxiValve. Three year warranty on materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty on the MaxiValve.

  • Extremely durable, easy-to-clean fabric
  • Molds to exact shape of injury site without applying circumferential pressure
  • Reduces nerve, tissue and vessel damage
  • Can be used for leg fractures, dislocated shoulders, knee injuries, wrist fractures, infant and pediatric immobilization, hip support, padding under the knees, temporary cervical support, and much more
  • Dimensions for splints are: large - 40in x 30in x 1in, medium - 27.5in x 20in x 1in and small - 19.5in x 13in x 1in, stored in carry case: 24in x 11in x 11in, mattress unfolded: 78.75in L x 29.5in W x 2.5in D, mattress folded: 31.5in L x 28in W x 6 in D carrying case
  • 2.2lb Large, 1lb medium, 0.5lb small, 6.4lb splints, case and compact pump, 12.1lb mattress, 16.75lb mattress, case and pump - weight
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Evac-U-Splint® Complete System
Product # 5690756C
Construction Material Vinyl/Nylon Laminate Fabric, Polystyrene Beads Treated for Fire Resistance Filling, Birch Plywood Stiffener, Non-magnetic, Self-sealing Valve, Hook & Loop or Side-release Buckles Closures, Delrin Buckles, Nylon Carry Case, Aluminum Vacuum Pump
Operating Temperature -30 to 180°F
Weight 2.2lb Large, 1lb Medium, 0.5lb Small, 6.4lb Splints, Case and Compact Pump, 12.1lb Mattress, 16.75lb Mattress, Case and Pump
Load Limit 12.1lb Mattress, 16.75lb Mattress, Case, Pump
Dimension Splints are in Like Large - 40in x 30in x 1in, Medium - 27.5in x 20in x 1in and Small - 19.5in x 13in x 1in, Stored in Carry Case: 24in x 11in x 11in, Mattress Unfolded: 78.75in L x 29.5in W x 2.5in D, Mattress Folded: 31.5in L x 28in W x 6in D Carrying Case
Brand Evac-U-Splint®