Drop-In Pacs

Manufacturer: SAFETEC
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Manufacturer: SAFETEC
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Product description:

The Drop-In Pacs from Safetec is a newly designed medical solidifier with an advanced self-dissolving technology to instantly absorb and solidify fluid waste. Containing the same effective superabsorbent polymers as used in Red Z and Green-Z bottles, these slender pouches are now made with a faster acting, innovative water-soluble paper.

*Dispose of infectious waste in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations

  • Specifically designed to fit in porthole of canister
  • Easy and ready to use premeasured pouches
  • Faster acting with new water-soluble paper technology
  • Eco-friendly and reduces extra disposal costs that bottles require
  • Contents are non-toxic

Red Z:

750cc and 1500cc available

Green Z:

750cc and 1500cc available

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Solidifying Capacity
Volume Range
Pouch Size
Total Items Selected
Total Items Selected
Red Z Up to 750cc Drop-in Pac
Green-Z® Drop-In Pacs, Up To 750cc
Red Z Up to 1500cc Drop-In Pac
Green-Z® Drop-In Pacs Fluid Control Solidifier, 1500cc
Product # 1062-41108 1062-42008 1062-41175 1062-42175
Solidifying Capacity 0 to 1500cu cm
Color Off-white Off-white Off-white
Material Water-soluble Paper Water-soluble Paper Water-soluble Paper
Format Powder Powder Powder
Weight 16lb 16lb 12lb
Odor Slight Chlorine Odorless Slight Chlorine
Volume Range 1500cc
Brand Red Z® Green-Z® Red Z® Green-Z®
Pouch Size 1.375in x 5.75in 1.375in x 5.75in 1.375in x 8.25in
Capacity Up to 750cc Up to 750cc Up to 1500cc